Bodhi Mojo

By Talent Club Presents (other events)

Saturday, September 23 2023 8:00 PM 11:59 PM PDT

Bodhi Mojo is a psychedelic, five-piece jam band rooted in the good feels. Characterized by mind-bending jams and heartfelt songwriting, they never play the same show twice and leave you yearning for more.

The Band formed in 2019, and made a splash on the PNW music scene. Focusing on DIY festivals/shows, Bodhi quickly grew a wide following throughout the Pacific Northwest.

The latest pursuits include releasing a full length album 'Midnight Dojo' in July and hosting their own Mojo Family Festival. There's so much to take in from this group as they continue to rise up in the scene; be sure to stay tuned on Instagram, Spotify and Bandcamp!

You can find Bodhi Mojo playing throughout the Pacific Northwest at venues and festivals - they call Portland, OR their home.

Jack McGrane

Jack “Dyson V11 Cordless Vaccuum” McGrane was born in Oakley, CA in 1994 in an Arby’s bathroom, which was common practice for Libras born during Year of the Dog. When he isn’t playing guitar, you might find him melting things with a magnifying glass or pretending to be a surfer.

Chris Stein

Chris is a Gemini with medium-long legs and no criminal history. Similar to communism, or poppy-seed bagels, he is a real “east coast gone west coast” type of guy, moving to Portland a few years back.

Mike Ewers

Mike's a real easy going type. As long he's got a rock to sleep on, he can lay down low frequencies that'll calcify your pineal gland. Chicago boy gone west is his story, and in the wise words of Mike... 
"Sometimes, it just do"

Harrison Games

Born with a natural ability to "Rhythm", Harrison holds down the spike and enjoys robes, going fast and maybe a chicken caesar. Hailing from Boston, he brings influences of jazz, prog and many other genres.


Will left his southern roots playing the Organ of the Church and crusaded to Oregon of the West. It has been said that he can stretch his right hand 3 octaves on a classical piano. This cannot be confirmed, however, as most people experience vertigo in his presence and forget