Free Creatures and Jordan Polovina

By Talent Club Presents (other events)

Saturday, October 28 2023 8:00 PM 11:59 PM PDT

Umami Music is When Emily Turner’s voice poured over smooth upright bass blends effortlessly into Marv Ellis’s vocals and beats on MPC, and emit a high energy set full of vintage everything from shlumpin’ dance beats to playfully uplifting lyrics and harmonies. Skyler Squglio on electric guitar is the secret ingredient with his harmonic sauce and upside down left handed shred. 

This power trio melts face and is rapidly gaining a following everywhere they go. They survived Quarantine by working on the music and came out firing on all cylinders April 2021. Since then haven’t stopped, performing their 87th and 88th shows in Hawai’i September 2022.


Fresh off a tour in Alaska, the good vibes are all they seek.  And destiny has brought them here. For which they are grateful. When they return from Hawai’i, they will embark on a National Tour from PDX to NY , and from NEW ORLEANS back through California and up to PDX. One of the hardest working independent bands out there right now on the west coast, the trio also has a reservoir of unreleased material awaiting their fans, old and new.

Marv Ellis 


Born and raised in Eugene, this Oregon native is undoubtedly the king of North West hip hop. A prolific lyricist and performer, Marv Ellis has toured the US and many countries around the world alongside many talented and acclaimed musicians, and he continues to expand his impressive anthology of 12 albums. Revered among fans for his rich tone, playful charisma, and cunning delivery, Marv’s ability to lift the energy of his audiences remains iron clad.   Visit his website:

Emily Turner

Originally from Anchorage, Alaska, Emily didn’t begin writing or performing until moving to Southern Oregon, where she picked up singing and taught herself to play the upright bass in 2012. She hasn’t set it down since. Her lack of classical training and a wide range of musical influence inspires her sound-blending folk, jazz, bossa nova and reggae. She released her debut solo album “Here” in summer 2021, and has been actively performing solo jazz nights with her Baritone ukulele in Southern Oregon when not on the road with Free Creatures.  Visit her website:

Skyler Squglio


Hailing from Reedsport, Oregon, Skyler Squglio is lovingly referred to by his band mates as Shreddy Kreuger, amongst many other ‘shred’ related nicknames. This electric guitar and vibe wizard was a crucial addition to the foundation of the Free Creatures team and sound.

Playing as an “upside-down lefty” is only one of his many redeeming and interesting qualities. His influences range from Santana to The Smiths to Mac Demarco and beyond, and he has a really great solo EP, on which he plays every. single. instrument. Caution: it WILL get stuck in your head.

Jordan Polovina
Jordan Polovina is far beyond just a rapper. The mic torching, cello rocking 16+ year industry veteran is a part of a plethora of musical acts and has also put out a strong collection of singles as a solo artist. Earning his stripes from a young age, teen Jordan dropped out of high school to pursue music with his folk-hop group Whiskey Blanket. Young Jordan and his crew toured nationally over the following years, introducing him to many of the key industry players he considers teammates now