John Doe Boys and Beyond The Lamplight

By Talent Club Presents (other events)

Wednesday, September 20 2023 8:00 PM 11:59 PM PDT

The John Dough Boys are a rowdy boot stompin', bar shaking, PBR slamming band out of Southern Oregon playing a style of original music lodged somewhere between Bluegrass and Punk Rock for the last nine years in different incarnations. A blistering lineup filled with gang vocals, upright bass, fiddle, acoustic and electric guitar… and wait til you see our drummer, folks - it's the sort of music that is best seen live and in person, surrounded by friends and strangers alike. Come get rowdy with the Dough Boys!

Lead singers of Larry and His Flask, Ian Cook and Andrew Carew, continue the fun and songwriting alliance together in their new project Beyond The Lamplight. Soaring harmonies meld with deft lyricism and lightning-fast banjo-picking all against a double-time backbeat to form a quintessential electric barn burner.