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Friday, June 23 2023 8:00 PM 11:59 PM PDT

I'm always compelled to use my usual snarky, self-deprecating tone when I promote something but playing with my peeps and seeing you all again is just too meaningful for that, this time.
Let's just say that the spirit of our dear friend Pat Fitzsimmons pulled some strings and here I come!

LEFT is a labor of love comprised of 5 of Southern Oregon's most accomplished and creative players. Originally conceived in 2009 as a local "side project" and vehicle to showcase Levick's extensive catalog , the band gradually moved closer to everybody's front burners as they began gaining popularity.
Because of the lineup and instrumentation (tons of acoustic and slide guitars), LEFT tends to create very rootsy/retro interpretations of Bret's songs which almost always, albeit sometimes surprisingly, works quite nicely.
Over the years they have also peppered their sets with a few choice covers including some songs by The Stones, Lou Reed, David Bowie, Dylan, Rickie Lee Jones and JJ Cale.
LEFT is an acronym for the last names of the 4 original members. The current lineup is:
Bret Levick: Vocals , Guitars
Bob Evoniuk: (of One Horse Shy & Siskiyou Summit): Electric dobro, Vocals
Greg Frederick: (Eric Burdon, Buddy Miles, Bo Diddly, Nickel & Nail): Bass, Vocals
Matt Terreri: (Rebel Train, Funkamungus, ex Florida studio drummer): Drums, vocals
Don Harris: (Pat Travers Band) Keyboards (most recent addition)