The Cabin Project

By Talent Club Presents (other events)

Sunday, September 4 2022 8:00 PM 11:59 PM PDT


We didn’t set out to make a record because we thought anyone would like it. In a lot of ways, I think we pretty much gave up on trying to pique the interests of the music industry years ago. We're in a different moment. Given our political times and witnessing the exponential wrongs and beauties that people are capable of bestowing upon each other, we decided to make a record that was bold.

"The songs on The Cabin Project's fifth album Decenter stream like a soundtrack to a movie about a life that could be anyone’s. They ground us in gentle crescendos and the vast fullnesses of orchestral sounds, punctuated by restful measures that wind down like grateful breaths." - Vortex Magazine 

We set out to make a record that was rooted in our strengths as individual musicians and as a collective group; to push our personal boundaries as people living in our current social and political climate. We wanted this record to have the energy of our live show, but also capture both the intimacy of the subjects we write about as well as the music we use to embrace and hold up those thoughts. It was about talking to you as our instruments talk to each other, and carving the conditions most conducive to this dialogue. What resulted was a something we love, that feels special to us, that we can't wait to share with you.

"It comes around to embodying the feeling of building a new life, after the tumultuous loss of a prior one. It propels a listener to go outside, look everywhere, and honor the beauty that is inherent to all life, not excluding its processes of pain, loss and challenge." - Roxy Marie (Vortex)

So again, we didn’t set out to make a record for anyone in particular. We set out to make a record that represents who we are as musicians, as people, as fighters, as friends, as partners, as women, as queers, as outcasts, as people who hold privilege, and as humans who also exist in narratives outside the dominant. A piece of music that honors and holds space for all these stories."